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Video: Fulcrum Institute Graduate Science Courses

This 9-minute video gives an overview of the Fulcrum Institute's graduate courses for K-8 science teachers.

Tufts University along with TERC, and Malden Public School District (of Malden, Massachusetts), have created the Fulcrum Institute for Education in Science, a two-year series of online graduate courses for experienced K-8 teachers funded by the Math/Science Partnership Program of National Science Foundation.

The Institute aims to prepare a group of Educators in Science who will implement and lead research-centered science learning and teaching in their schools and districts. Participants advance their professional knowledge and status through the Institute's credit-bearing, three-course sequence, which takes place primarily online. This video shows footage from a one-day workshop where the teachers had the opportunity to meet face-to-face.
The Fulcrum Institute is proud to have Philip Gay, recruited from WGBH, working on our project to create videos that highlight our work.